Hi! I’m Allison, and I’m an Edutainer working in French food, culture, history, and art. If you are a gastro-curious traveler or learner, I’m here to show you the A to Z of French food and culture!

I’m a born storyteller and highly passionate about sharing my deep cultural knowledge. My 25 years in France have led me on countless culinary and cultural explorations, and I’ve created engaging educational experiences for over 4000 clients. You can read their reviews by clicking here.

I have also created and currently co-lead two study abroad programs for prominent American universities: click here for more information. If you’re a traveler and you want to walk and eat the less-traveled streets, please read more about my insider tours here. (Covid oblige: please click through to my blog!)

Are you an industry professional? You can hire me as a culinary consultant. I do location scouting, specialized translations, and create bespoke lectures for the trade. Please see this page for more information!

Do you have a specific project in mind that isn’t listed here? No problem: please contact me at contact@allisonzinder.com

My move to Paris in 1995 was “Plan B”!

Read about it in the section below, “More About Allison.”

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Discover Belleville!

This off-the-beaten path history tour
lets you penetrate the heart and soul of eastern Paris. You’ll discover the area’s wine history, its musical legacies, and contemplate ever-changing street art.
Join me for an exploration of this
effervescent neighborhood.

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Taste a parisian market!

Discover the Marché d’Aligre, one
of Paris’s most vibrant and
authentic outdoor markets! I’ll
show you how to shop like a local,
share with you ideas to inspire your
seasonal cooking, and tips on how
to interact with market vendors.

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The Parisian bouillon!

Back before gourmet dining reached the masses, people ate at bouillons, the first fast-food eateries in France! Come explore the world of the bouillon with me, your Expert Food Guide, and you’ll discover the beauty of the bouillon.

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Specialized tours 

Whether you’re looking for a private tour of Champagne, a group tour of the Rungis wholesale market, or a specialized pastry tour, I regularly custom-design my tours to travelers’ and learners’ needs. Please get in touch with me!

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The hospitality industry

Restaurant visits with proprietors,
hotel visits open only to the trade,
and specific conferences tailored to your group’s needs are all part
of the learning experiences I offer. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me here.

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French wines and Champagne

 If you’re looking for fun and interactive
wine tastings, I’m a certified wine
professional and have 7 years’
experience helping learners
demystify French wines. Please get in touch to discuss your needs!

After studying French and studio art at a well-known university in Virginia, and completing an internship in a gourmet restaurant’s kitchen, my plan was to move to New Orleans! When that fell through, I said to myself, “I guess I’ll just move to Paris.”

That was in 1995, and since then, I’ve trained and worked as a professional chef in all kinds of French establishments, from a humble truck-stop diner to a Michelin-starred restaurant. Then I decided to teach culinary arts in a nationally-recognized cooking school in Paris. From there, I pursued opportunities in higher education: courses in French gastronomy, history, wine, and other subjects in hospitality. I was asked to join and then create study abroad programs for American university students. I love working with students!

My side projects include Paris on the Edge, a web site devoted to culinary inspiration from the city’s artists, and writing about food and history for these publications. Other fun facts: I’m American and French! I was born in the United States and obtained French nationality in 2000. I live in the 20 th district with my partner and our 3-year-old twins.



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